E-jet Hot Water Meter


E-jet hot water meter features anti-theft & tampering mechanism
Turbine Woltmann hot water meter up to 90°C or 130°C

screw type water meter

LWUA Accredited
100% Factory Calibrated
with one (1) year warranty against factory defect

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  • Super dry vacuum sealed register, with ip68 protection, clean dial to guarantee a clear reading
  • Pulse emitter ready
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Super dry copper register with IP68 protection
  • Register designed with a rotary indicator for easy reading
  • Magnetic drive to protect against external magnetic fields
  • Unidirectional anti-theft and tampering mechanism
  • Removable mechanism for easy maintainance
  • Easily installation from any angle
  • low pressure loss
  • ISO 4064 certified industry standard quality and conforms with LWUA


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