E-Jet Ultrasonic Water Meter

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E-jet Ultrasonic water meter comes with an IP68, conforms to ISO4064 and GBT 778-2007, is vacuum sealed and features a tamper proof register; thus, providing durability and long-term performance. Batteries are made from Lithium which last almost indefinitely.

Designed for water, sewage, seawater, effluent, tap water, corrosive fluids, agriculture, irrigation and gardening.

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    • Vacuum sealed and tamper-proofed
    • Superior hydraulic design, no moving parts, zero wear, low maintenance
    • Packed with Lithium batteries, which last almost indefinitely
    • Multi-line readout screen provides complete flow and volume information along with:
      • Leak detection
      • Flow direction
      • Output mode: RS485, M-BUS, DC8-36V & Two-way 4-20mA output
      • Active communication mode
      • Display in different units, volume: cubic meter, ft, gallon, liter & velocity: m3/h, GPM, LPM.
      • Touch key panel
    • Standard registers are programmed to log and display both forward and reverse flow. Physically reversing the meter will not decrease the forward flow totalizer.

Operating temp: 0.1 – 30℃
Humidity: <100% RH
Operate pressure: 1.6 Mpa / 2.5 Mpa
Upstream sensitivity: U3
EMC compativility class: class E2
Communication: RS485 / USART / Infrared
Signal output: Dual way OCT pulse / TTL pulse / single way 4-20mA
Power supply: lithium battery, 3.6V / 19Ah or DC8-36V
Protection: IP68
Digital display: 9 digit (multiline)
Data storage: EEPROM / Flash, last 512 days accumulative flow
Measuring cycle: per second, Verification: 4x / second
Standard: ISO4064, GBT 778-2007


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