E-jet vertical water meter


E-jet vertical water meter features anti-theft & tampering mechanism
For water meters that need to be installed in a vertical position.

brass body, Available in cold water or hot water up to 90°C
LWUA Accredited
100% Factory Calibrated
with one (1) year warranty against factory defect

Available from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″

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You are killing your water meter if you don’t know this

Most people think that it’s simply okay to mess with the angle of a meter to fit a vertical installation. You may think this is a smart and creative way to fix problems, but you’re making a big mistake. When you install your meter in an improper angle, you are actually DAMAGING your meter and reducing its lifespan!

Stop losing $$$ from improper installation!

What’s even worst, is that you are not only damaging your meter. You’re actually losing money from your measurement, because you’ve just prevented your meter from MEASURING ACCURATELY!

E-jet vertical meter to the rescue

This specialized meter allows you to install in vertical angles where regular meters can’t, so that you don’t have to lose sleepless nights worrying about changing the pipes. This vertical meter comes with all advantage of being an e-jet brand – the same patent design, anti-theft, durability, iso & lwua certification and even more…


  • Super dry vacuum sealed register, with ip68 protection, clean dial to guarantee a clear reading
  • Pulse emitter ready
  • Magnetic drive to protect against external magnetic fields
  • Unidirectional anti-theft and tampering mechanism
  • Removable mechanism for easy maintainance
  • low pressure loss
  • ISO 4064 certified industry standard quality and conforms with LWUA


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