GoalStar Double Action Safety Switch


A safety switch is a device that quickly switches off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected, to minimise the risk of electricity-related fires, electric shock, injury and death.

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220-240Volts, 2PST, 60Hz,


  • High grade, shock-proof plastic materials.
  • High breaking capacity.
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • Light weight, reliable, excellent in performance.
  • Electrical life more than 6,000 operations.
  • Mechanical life more than 20,000 operations.
  • Perfect drop-in replacement for safety switch.


  • Residential – air conditions, televisions, refregirators, computers, washing machines, etc.
  • Commercial – lightning fixtures, water heaters, freezers,blowers, transformers, etc.
  • Industrial – electric motors, water pump, machines, generators, tools, controls etc.


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