GoalStar Hybrid Electric KWH Meter 10(40A) Analog Reading

GoalStar Hybrid Electric Meters are engineered with high accuracy in mind equally to both balance and unbalance load. It also measures energy involved in harmonic frequencies. Error is almost negligible even in variations of voltage, frequency and temperature. All our meters are 100% calibrated at the factory and rechecked by the ERC which means you can sleep soundly at night without worrying about re-calibration during and after shipment.

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  • Also known as solid state meters, these meters are equipped with Unidirectional step motor cyclometric drums with one decimal and has 100 division marking
  • High quality durable  metal case and metal base cover and a front cover consist of glass transparent poly-carbonate material.
  • Terminal Block is made of high quality heavy duty Bakelite, which is provided with nickel-plated solid terminals and fixed with big screws.
  • IEC 61036 Standard

Meter Ratings

Reference Voltage: 240v
Frequency: 60Hz
Reference Temperature: 24°C
Class: Class-1

Mean Temperature Coefficient:

  1. from 0.05 lb to Imax at unity PF – 0.05/c
  2. from 0.2 lb to Imax at 0.5 lagging – 0.07/c


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