Jet Water Meter I-Series


I-series is a dry-type vane water meter for residential and low-scale commercial use
I-series water meter features anti-theft & tampering mechanism

screw type water meter with cast iron body
LWUA Accredited
100% Factory Calibrated
with one (1) year warranty against factory defect

available from 1/2″ to 3/4″

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  • Dry type
  • Magnetic drive transmission resists magnetic interference
  • Durable cast iron body
  • Vacuum sealed register, Clean dial to guarantee a clear reading
  • All models are approved according to International Standard ISO4064 and ISO9001

Working condition:
Temperature: ≤40 °C
Nominal Pressure: ≤1Mpa
Loss of pressure: ≤ 0.1Mpa

Maximum Permissible Error:
Qmin→Qt(ex Qt)=±5%;
Qt→Qs(both included)=±2% or ±3%(hot water)
Qmin=Min Flow, Qt=Transition Flow, Qs= Max Flow.


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