Jitsui Flow Meter

Flange type flow meter, Cast Iron with FREE flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets, heavy duty, for potable water
with one (1) year warranty against factory defect

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Best in class, premium quality flow meter

If E-jet E-series is our “Class A” flowmeter, then Jitsui from Japan is “Class SSS”. Simply a monster! Every component of Jitsui is constructed with top-of-the-line materials.

Not a “Class SSS” kind of guy? Go “Class A” with E-series

More than just the same features

Comes with features that made E-jet E-series great plus EVEN MORE! Not just the patented unidirectional design. Not justĀ  anti-theft capable. Not just tamper proof in operation:

  • Comes with a superior built-in strainer(optional) to protect against debris
  • anti-magnetic shield to protect against external magnetic interference
  • 360 rotatable register for easy readability,
  • ultra durable heavy duty alloy

…And expert engineering quality from Japan.


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