Portable Water Meter

Our portable water meter testing instrument is designed to test water meter’s condition on the spot to determine the precision, velocity and accuracy. Our testing meters are suitable for Metric bureau who needs to do the periodic testing to ensure that water meters are in perfect working condition.
Mass Integrate Circuit allows support for reading of decimal system for counter circuit. The instantaneous flow and accumulative flow is also shown on the LCD screen with clear figure. Non-modulus and non-unit conversion and hand-handle accumulative flow resets every time the device powers on.
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  1. Accumulative flow tolerance: +/-0.5%
  2. Instantaneous flow tolerance: +/-2.5%
  3. Collected flow rate scope: 0.1-199.99L+1
  4. Instantaneous flow scope: 0-1.5m3/h
  5. Flow rate test point:
    5.1. Φ15mm,0.15m3/h
    5.2 Φ20mm,0.25m3/h
    5.3 Φ25mm,0.35m3/h
  6. Working Power: 4.8+/-10%Vdc (4 x 1.2V Batteries)
  7. Charging Power In: 220 Vac ±10%, 50HZ; Out: 6 Vdc
  8. Water Source Pressure: 0.1-1.0Mpa
  9. Water Temperature: 0 to 30℃
  10. Moisture: ≤85% RH
  11. Dimensions: 530 x 23 x 31cm
  12. Weight: 6.5kg


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