About Goal Team Trading

We believe in team work
We believe in team work

We are a goal oriented team player

Goal Team At Work

Goal Team Trading is founded in Quezon City, July of 2007. We are known for our E-jet E-series water meters and have successfully installed countless numbers across the Philippines. As we continued to expand our portfolio of products, we started to include flow meters, KWH meters and solar lights to meet our demand.

It is our goal to provide quality service and promote team spirit by working together with our clients through gathering feedback and continuously improving our products. This has been our driving force until today.

Do you play ball?
We offer basket ball court space

Do you play sports?

Goal Team After Work

We believe that working in teams fosters a healthy working environment. To promote team building, we have rubberized practice court on our roof deck where you can play basketball, volleyball or badminton.

Feel free to call us on 410-8832 / 365-1075 or visit us to know more about our court rentals and sports specific training.