GoalStar Analog Diesel Flow Meter

Re-settable, analog, flange type water flow meter with flanges, bolts, nuts and gasket
one (1) year warranty against factory defect.
Note: required to put wye strainer to filter waste/solid materials that flows into the pipeline for heavy durability of Meter.

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Diesel flow meter? You can’t go wrong with GoalStar!

Engineers love our meters because…

We are industry standard and ISO certified. Accuracy, reliability and durability are key factors in engineering quality. In fact, we only use premium quality components for our meters. Additionally, Our diesel meter is made using highly advanced manufacturing. High end techniques are also employed during its creation.

Comes in complete package

Unlike our competitors, our diesel meter comes with all accessories included – flanges, bolts, nuts, gaskets. You get to have it all. That way it’s much convenient and less confusing. Now you can stop worrying about what’s included in the package and start worrying about your project!

Join expert engineers across the philippines and choose GoalStar!


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